Before you take your bike to the trails you will need to carry a full check up so you can enjoy the experience at it’s best!

Safety Checks:


Check your tire pressure by using a floor-style bike pump with a built-in gauge. Most mountain bike tires should be inflated to between 25 and 45 psi. Check the tire sidewall for the suggested range for your tires. For sandy or snowy conditions, go to the low end of this range. Lower pressure improves trail contact, grip and bump absorption. Be careful, though, since hitting a rock with under-inflated tires can cause a pinch flat or slash a tyre if it’s tubeless.


Check that your front and rear brakes are functioning properly by squeezing each brake lever. Don’t ride with poor brakes. While performing this test, also check that the quick-release levers for both your wheels are in the closed position.


Mountain biking can get your chain dirty fast. First, make sure it’s clean. Use a “dry lube”  in dry conditions and a moisture-resistant “wet lube” if you ride in wet conditions with mud, creek crossings or rain. If using an oil-based lube, run the chain backwards through a shop cloth to remove any surplus lube that would otherwise attract dirt.

Another simple check to do regularly: Lift your front wheel a foot or so off the ground, loosely grip the handlebars and drop it. If anything sounds or feels odd, it may indicate a loose headset. Don’t ride such a bike.

Last but not least, wear a bike helmet every time you ride. Bring adequate water via a water bottle or hydration pack (Minimum 3L is recommended) and carry energy snacks for longer rides. Sunglasses, biking gloves, bike shorts and shirt (Good quality), knee and elbow guards are also important gear you may need to think about (See our recommended gear here).  As it gets really hot here in the UAE, Sunscreen may be also needed during summer time if you are riding in day light, it is always recommended to ride with another friends or a group but never alone. If you fall and break a bone no one will know where you are or it would be too late when they find you.

KOM MTB also recommends to keep a mini emergency medical kit in your backpack at all times, it did help stop bleeding in the accidents we have seen already!