Tools are essentials for every mountain biking ride, you just can’t ride without them! Something will break in your bike sooner or later and you will wish you had the right toll in your backpack to fix it, so why not get them all and be ready for anything?

Before you go out riding do some home work on basic maintenance or just ride with the group and watch the others do it for you while you learn!

Here is a list of tools you will need while you’re out there riding:

A good multi tool with chain breaker:


Tire levers:

Mini bike pump:

Patch kit:

Zip ties:

CO2 Inflators & Cartridges (Great for tubeless tires):


You also need to carry the following spares in your backpack:


A tube:

Derailleur hanger: (Check with your bike manufacturer to get the right part)

Quick release chain link: (Find out what type of chain you are running 9 speed, 10 speed…etc)

Tyre valve core: (Schrader or Presta depending on your wheels)