Wearing shoes that adds confidence to your riding skills can be a difficult decision! Why? It is the legendary and constant argument whether to go for flat pedals or clipless when riding off-road. Some find it easy to go for flat pedals as it’s easier to get of the bike when you are about to crash and some say clipless pedals add more¬†efficiency to their pedaling skills! It is a rider choice here…Yes we do agree because your feet are locked into the clipless pedals when riding, you have more power throughout the pedal stroke and while accelerating and climbing! But this type of pedals need a lot of practice before you can take them to the trails, learn how not to fall around your residence and when you are confident enough, take them to the trails. The shoe you buy will depend on your choice of pedals first, and as a starter you need to go for flat pedals first, learn how to control your bike when playing off-road and get the hang of it. On a later stage when you need to play harder and increase your speed, you may think of shifting to the clipless system.

Shoes to use with flat pedals and flat pedals are:


Shoes to use with clipless pedals and clipless pedals are: