A helmet is a big deal in this sport, it can save your life, not wearing one while riding your bike in the UAE and specially when riding off-road is a bad idea. We ride on rocky landscapes and a lot of sharp rocks are around, it will be a wise thing to wear a helmet all the time. You may ask what type of helmet is right for our region? The answer is simple!

Get yourself a well ventilated cross-country helmet, it is hot in the UAE and you will need those vents to allow some cold breeze in to reduce the heat. We used to think that a full face helmet is what we need for the sport, but after trying the best well ventilated cross-country helmets we don’t recommend full face helmets at all. The heat will hardly allow you to keep the lightest and most ventilated helmets, let alone a full face helmet that does not have enough vents and covers your whole face!

Wearing your helmet the right way is also an important thing to learn! If you wear your helmet the wrong way, you are better off not wearing one at all! Click the image below to see how you should wear it:


Or watch this quick video for more clarification:



If you don’t know what are the helmet types we were talking about, you may need to see the below images: