Knee & Elbow Guards


Shawka of Ras Al Khaimah is the playground of mountain bikers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, the landscape there is harsh, dry and hot. Body protection is needed at all times, you don’t want to fall on a sharp rock and get a nasty cut near your joints. Knee and elbow guards are made just to prevent that! Yes we all need to get rid of weight and ride as light as we can but guards are important if you want to stay intact after a crash. KOM recommends buying good quality products as they are made durable and engineered to suit the joint movement during pedaling. Some cheap brands are available but they aren’t comfortable to wear and they will bother you while pedaling.

There are few type of knee and elbow guards available in stores (Very limited availability in the UAE unfortunately), some have a hard shell and others have a soft one. Choosing a hard shell or a soft one is totally up to you but they both work fine. Ordering guards online could be a bit of a problem when it comes to sizing, but most online stores provide “Size chart” that you need to look at. Take the right measurements and don’t be afraid to order.

Here are some knee and elbow guards to look at:



Some of us use flat pedals that has sharp alloy pins sticking out of them, they usually scratch your skin easily. Getting an elbow & shin guard can help you stop these scratches from happening, here is another type of knee guard to look at:


There is an optional full upper body protection (Pressure Suit), but it will be very hot out there and we don’t think anyone can keep it on for long. Here are two examples: