The United Arab Emirates gets seriously hot during summer months. Getting dressed up for mountain biking in the UAE is pretty easy and everything is available at local bike shops and online stores too. The most important thing you need to consider is how breathable your Jersey or shorts is?


Wearing a normal cotton t-shirt is fine, but as you start pedaling and sweating, your t-shirt will get wet and will stay wet for a long time. As soon as you reach your car and turn on your A/C the t-shirt will get extremely cold and you will get ill! Even if you change your t-shirt with a clean one, you will still be wet. Choosing a breathable material made of polyester fibers that has the ability to draw moisture away from the skin through capillary action and increased evaporation over a wider surface area. A Well known brand that manufacture such material is Coolmax besides few other companies.

Here are some jerseys we see around the trails in Shawka (Ras Al Khaima) all the time:



Shorts also need to be breathable and comfortable so you can give your legs room to move comfortably. We see some riders use jeans shorts or other shorts made of fabrics that does not stretch! Wrong! The market is full of MTB shorts that will help you ride more comfortably, pedal efficiently and sweat less. Don’t let the heat build up so you spend a little more to enjoy the ride. Good mtb shorts come with liners too, some has great thick padding and some come with side padded protection.

Here are some shorts we all use when riding our mountain bikes in the UAE:

As heat builds up quickly in the UAE and specially during summer months, we recommend wearing light colors during the day. Here is what our KOM KIT looks like: